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Other Places to Seek Knowledge

The Seige Perilous

The Labyrinth (Much information for the Medieval scholar)

Eurodocs (Medieval and Renaissance Documents)

Karpeles Manuscript Library Museums


The Crusades (Some knowledge of the quest to regain the Holy Land)

Viking Network Web (For when you desire to pillage)

The Knights Templar (An accounting of these fine knights)

The Plague in Renaissance Europe

The Robin Hood Project at University of Rochester


The Real Robin Hood

Cappella Sistina (The complete art of the Sistine Chapel, the Beautiful Book of Hours of Duc de Berry, the Pilgrim of Bordeaux, and more)

A Rhyme and A Reason (The true meanings of Nursery Rhymes)

This being a disclaimer for the next site, per its scriber's request:

"The Preceptory is not affiliated with Freemasonry, the Society for Creative Anachronism, or any other organization. It is maintained solely for the enjoyment of mediaeval history enthusiasts."

"Knights Templar"

Sites of SCA Knowledge

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