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Curt's Train of Thought



Not an official site of either company, just us railfans.

Radio Frequencies of Note
Frequency Use
160.5900 MHz Channel 1 - Mainline use Mt. Clemens sub, Flint sub.  
Duplex use - train to dispatcher and d to t
160.5300 MHz Channel 2 - Mainline use Holly sub, Shoreline sub.
Duplex use - train to dispatcher and d to t
160.8450 MHz Channel 3 - Yard use Detroit, MI (East yard) and Pontiac, MI
160.3500 MHz Intermodal yard (Moterm) at Ferndale, MI; carshop at Pontiac, MI and Port Huron yard.
160.9500 MHz Maintenance of Way
160.4700 MHz Police - not much traffic.

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