Sand Patch

Sand Patch

Rain!!!  We stayed the night in Altoona and left for Sand Patch on Labor Day morning.  My schedule was simple enough, catch a few trains a Sand Patch, then drive home to Michigan, Mother Nature had other plans.  Severe thunderstorms were forecast, but we didn't know about them until Johnstown.  They hit with a vengeance and we were down to about 20-25 mph for some good stretches of road.  At Sand Patch I hiked down to the East portal and waited in the rain.  I was rewarded in 15 to 20 minutes with an Eastbound Amtrak.  The skies cleared when we drove around to the West portal where we caught a Westbound TOFC.  All of the images on this page are video-captured from our Sony 8mm camcorder. 

An Eastbound Amtrak train is about to enter the West portal of Sand Patch.
Genesis emerging from Sand Patch tunnel

  The 2 Genesis engines leading the train of Superliners and material handling cars emerge into the rain.


Side view of the AMD-103's.
MPEG video of this Amtrak train going by, click here.

  A Westbound TOFC/COFC stops just outside of the West portal to uncouple the helpers on the back-end.


The 3 GE's are accelerating Westward with the pushers giving a final assist.
Looking toward the tower at Sand Patch.
This auto bridge offers a good vantage point, but the tunnel cannot be seen from it.
MPEG video of this CSX intermodal, click here.


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