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The Arizona Trip

Fourth of July 1998 Weekend

I would like to thank the following people for their help in pointing  out some good locations:  Ed Delozier, J B Gautreaux, Richard Glueck, Steve Hoskins, and Dan Stabe.

We had a memorable trip and we'll be going back again in a few years.  I have never seen so many trains in such short periods of time, no wonder the Santa Fe has so many modelers.


Photos ( jpeg format )
bullet Kingman, Az
bullet Seligman, Az
bullet Flagstaff, Az
bullet Grand Canyon Railway
bullet Yampai, Az
bullet Route 66


Movies ( mpeg format )

bullet Westbound at Kingman, Az (1.83 MB)
bullet Eastbound at Seligman, Az (618 kB)
bullet Westbound at Seligman, Az (668 kB)
bullet Westbound at Yampai, Az (1.02 MB)
bullet Eastbound at Flagstaff, Az (1.25 MB)


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